The RGB Studios welcomes Live Streaming!

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Welcome to Live Streaming! #SymvaineiTora Finally came what everyone expected and allows us to emit live! With great pleasure we present our new acquisition, as part of the upgrading of our
equipment, the Teradek Vidiu Pro.

Through Teradek Vidiu Pro can now emit live from our channel on Youtube via live streaming and sharing with you on your computer or tablet, everything you want to see , but unfortunately you can not find there. This in turn provides an opportunity for our partners to communicate the activities videotaped the moment happen to an audience even when the distances forbid .

Conferences , events, sporting events, cultural events , performances , concerts , festivals and even intimate moments such as your wedding , edited everything from specialists RGB Studios, can reach up to the edge of the world and always real time. We eliminate the distances and we are everywhere! Why we like to say #symvaineitora!

VidiU Pro It s Here!